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Summer 2024

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Winter 2021-22

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Summer 2021

The lectures in this semester are given per Zoom

Winter 2020-21

The lectures in this semester are given per Zoom

Course Descriptions

Information Theory and Coding

This is a basic lecture on information theory. In principle, attending the lecture requires taking no prerequisites; however, a quick review of basic concepts from probability theory and stochastic processes is strongly suggested. The lecture is consistent with the textbook Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms by David J.C. MacKay in addition to few selected topics. The textbook can be accessed freely online here

The main contents covered in the lecture are 

For this lecture, I have further prepared a tutorial manuscript. You can download the last version of the manuscript here.

Compressive Sensing

This is a primary lecture on compressive sensing. Prerequisites for this lecture are lectures on information theory and stochastic signal processing. The lecture consists of two major parts: The first part covers classical concepts in compressive sensing and is closely consistent with the textbook A Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing by Holger Rauhut and Simon Foucart. The second part focuses in information-theoretic viewpoint and is prepared by collecting materials from the literature. The lecture-notes are available on GitHub.

The list of contents is as follows:

Tutorials on Random Matrix Theory

This tutorial is to cover the concepts of the Random Matrix Theory lecture given by Prof. Ralf R. Müller in winter semesters. We address three major parts; namely, 

For better understanding of the third part, we have some introductory lectures in the tutorials going through the following topics:

For the third parts of tutorials, we use some contents from the textbook Statistical Physics and Information Theory by Neri Merhav.

Tutorials on Mobile Communications

This is a tutorial course on mobile communications being consisted with the lecture Mobile Communications given by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf R. Müller in summer semesters. For this tutorial, I have prepared a tutorial manuscript whose last version can be downloaded here. In the tutorial sessions we go through the following concepts: